Archive of Ham Radio Deluxe Version 5

Ham Radio Deluxe is an extensive rig control and digital mode software package for amateur radio operation.  The bulk of the original software (through early version 5) was created by or under the direction of Simon Brown, HB9DRV.

The software has subsequently been taken over by HRD Software, LLC to continue commercial development and carry it forward.  This group refined version 5 and created version 6 with a license model. As version 6 diverged from earlier versions, the new group is discontinuing hosting the older versions.  They have indicated these can be hosted by others, provided there is no fee or changes.

The latest such version of HRD, 5.24.38, which includes changes by HRD Software, LLC, dated October 2012, is included here as a courtesy for download in its original form.

[Download HRD 5.24.38]

The new firm has put considerable energy into updating the software and creating a commercial ecosystem around HRD.  It is worth checking out the newer paid version, which I believe is available on free trial terms if you’d like to take a look.

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Dan Hoogterp

Dan Hoogterp, an amateur extra licensee, is an active amateur with a stealth station. I enjoy the stealth antenna game, but certainly look forward to less restrictive times in the future.

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