RemoteHams Success

Last weekend, I completed the process to set my station up for remote access.  I switched from a manual tune amp to automatic, made some logistics changes, and then implemented remote control using remote ham software at  Although I was on track to get things working, I had the pleasant surprise of Roger, W8RJ, logging in to expedite and optimize my setup.  Check out my remote station at W4LI – Remote.

I’ve already had the opportunity to use my station while traveling a couple times this week.  Also, about two dozen others have registered to use the station.  So far, the software and setup is rock solid.  I’m very pleased and its quite cool to be able to get on the air on my occasional hotel-nights, which is when I have the most free time.


Thanks to Brandon, Roger, and others on the remotehams team.  Great stuff.


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Dan Hoogterp

Dan Hoogterp, an amateur extra licensee, is an active amateur with a stealth station. I enjoy the stealth antenna game, but certainly look forward to less restrictive times in the future.

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