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Six plus months on air and I’m still having fun.

I’m up around 100 or so contacts to around 10 countries.  I operate mostly in late evenings on 40 meters, usually rag chewing in the extra voice region.   I use Ham Radio Deluxe for logging and digital modes.

The transworld antennas, two now, are running great.  One is on 40, the other on 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10.  I haven’t had a lot of time on the upper bands recently, but both antennas are now up.  They are compromise antennas, small, portable, etc., but perform quite well given their size.  Highly recommended.

The Ameritron AL-80B is still a champ.  I’ve had a strange shift in where the load tuning dial likes to live, but it still tunes up on every band.  I’m not sure what might have happened.  The plate/load tuning capacitors are properly closed/meshed at 1 and open/unmeshed at 10.  No idea why the load tuning would have shifted a few points…  However, everything seems to be working.  I’m keeping an eye on it.

I purchased the MFJ tuner saver, which pulses a CW key input to provide a consistent signal for tuning with much less than 100% duty cycle.  This makes me feel more comfortable tuning and seems to work great. I do most tuning into the dummy load, where it probably isn’t needed.  However, quick touch ups into the antenna would otherwise exceed its power ratings.  Plenty of headroom on SSB, but the antenna doesn’t support the tuning carrier level.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

Dan Hoogterp — W4LI


Whiskey Four Lima India


I received my amateur extra license by passing the three exams on March 12 of this year.  About ten days later, my FCC issued call sign, AK4GX, was issued.  As standard issue call signs go, this one wasn’t bad.

However, I quickly became interested in shorter call signs that were easier to say phonetically.  A few checks of AE7Q.COM made me realize that shorter call signs were not readily available in my area – region 4.

I decided to compromise, requesting a ‘3’ call sign with a small phonetic weight.  Whiskey Golf Three Oscar is definitely one of the easiest call signs to speak on the air.

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