BigIR at second QTH

In early 2013, I got permission from the HOA to install a 30 to 35′ vertical at our second QTH. The antenna’s location is conveniently obscured from view in the community. I was pleasantly surprised at the community’s flexibility and went with the SteppIR BigIR with the 80 meter coil option.

First, a few pictures, and then I’ll summarize what I learned and recommend when installing this great antenna.  Here is a picture of the almost completed antenna installation (before single 11′ guy installation):

Vertical - Lower half

Here is the base of the antenna, from the 80M coil side, showing the radial plate and cables exiting the ground/conduit:

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FCC reviews amateur radio and impediments… (12-91)

The FCC is considering ramifications of deed restrictions and covenants on amateur radio emergency services and more generally amateur radio practice.

Check out a related article and discussion on QRZ 12-91 Article

The Request for Comments as a PDF: RFC 12-91 PDF

My comments filed with the FCC: comments to the FCC.

Please take the time to file reasonable comments as well.